INKU Nemzetközi Kereskedelmi Kft - Hungary

INKU will grant access to their assortment of samples and to their legacy system, thus the INKU will co-operate closely with the software developing partners. Furthermore, INKU will be involved in the field of exploitation. Qualified sales representatives will promote the Trend Analyser to potential customers and will receive feedback from the users at the point of sales.

INKU, as a Hungarian subsidiary of INKU AG, is a leading trader and service provider company in Hungary. As a result of a successful communication of their mission statement to keep up with the ever-changing pace of consumer trends and become the number one player for the demanding public, the name of INKU became a concept of itself in Hungary for products and services without concessions. The name INKU is used as a quality description among home and interior decorators. Their main products range from flooring products to textile and to home decoration. Their product variety and their collection is one of the most extensive in Hungary. Consumers can choose from tens of thousands of different carpets, curtains and textiles, meeting virtually all demands at their shops and stores. Using their wide Central European logistic system, and their wide commercial network, nearly any type of carpet or flooring can be delivered within a very short delivery time.