Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology - Germany

Fraunhofer-FIT brings its strong expertise in content access & retrieval, text mining, UI design, and user/process analysis into the AsIsKnown project. Fraunhofer-FIT will lead the WP8 (Architecture and Implementation of Trend Analyser).

Fraunhofer-FIT investigates human-centered computing in a process context, focusing on usability and usefulness of information and cooperation systems in their interplay between human work practice, organization and process. Fraunhofer-FIT participates in the recent EU-funded FP5-project SEWASIE (IST-2001-34825), in which Fraunhofer-FIT has developed a semantic information monitoring tool that allows to continuously monitor market-relevant information for the textile and industrial molding sector. A semantic link to OLAP reporting and planning tools allows business analysts and controllers to relate their company's internal performance measurement to external market information to answer questions such as "How can business KPIs (revenue, profit contribution etc.) be interpreted or improved based on market situation and market opportunities?. Fraunhofer-FIT will integrate this experience into the development of the Trend Analyser of AsIsKnown.