Vorwerk & Co. Teppichwerke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

Within AsIsKnown Vorwerk will be involved in the field of dissemination and exploitation. Qualified sales representatives will promote the Trend Analyser to potential customers and will receive feedback from the users. Furthermore, Vorwerk will include tests and evaluation of the developed prototypes in regular test sessions (Smart Profiler, Virtual Interior Designer, Back-office Ordering System). They will grant access to their assortment of samples and partly to their legacy system. The major key tasks of Vorwerk will be to enrich the requirements analysis and thus to orientate AsIsKnown towards real market needs.

Vorwerk produces textile floor coverings meeting superior demands of private and professional objects for more than a hundred years. Today, this company is a leading high quality supplier for middle and high-class design-orientated carpets in the middle and upper price segments. Special design, e.g. for companies, banks or the German ICE High Speed Train underline the company’s outstanding performance. Per annum, more than 5 Mio sqm of floor coverings are produced in the production plant and exported into more than 50 countries worldwide. Vorwerk runs one of the most modern production sites in Europe including dyeing and recycling facilities. Vorwerk already possesses experience in virtual composition of carpets in order to give a thorough impression of the product.