BOC Information Technologies Consulting GmbH - Austria

BOC brings its strong expertise in Meta2Modelling concepts do design knowledge and semantic issues into the project. BOC will lead the WP4 (Architecture and Implementation of Smart Profiler). BOC will be responsible for software and hardware integration and testing tasks as the Smart Profiler will be dependent on interfaces with the surrounding soft- and hardware.

BOC is a software development house and a strategic consultant in business process re-engineering and knowledge management projects. It was founded in 1995 as a spin-off from the Department of Knowledge Engineering at the University of Vienna. BOC currently employs 120 employees and freelancers. BOC collected vast experience in participating and co-ordinating (Refine, ADVISOR, PROMOTE), EC-Projects over the past eight years providing a product out of each co-ordinated project. The core competency of BOC is the know-how on “Meta-Modelling”. As the toolkit ADONIS was one of the first commercial Meta2Modelling toolkits, BOC gained technological leadership in this market. BOC implemented, or currently implements, three generations of Meta2Modelling compilers in C++ and Java. It is therefore well founded in the field of Meta2Modelling concepts, Meta Modelling concepts and Software development.