UFTM - Union Française des Tapis et Moquettes - France

UFTM will contribute on the one hand with its network to determine the specifications for the engineering of the Virtual Interior Designer tool and by providing data (collections, samples etc.) made available by its members. On the other hand UFTM will lead Workpackage 10 (Dissemination and Exploitation, because of the contact to its members and to international acting supply chains (e.g. 3 Suisses, Mondial Moquette). Exploitation channels and prospects can be found within these networks.

UFTM is a French Trade Association which unites carpet manufacturers and importers as well as retailer and sellers of interior and home textiles for use as floor and wall coverings. It was established in 1923. As from the beginning, the main aim of UFTM consisted in defending the general interests of the carpet industry and more generally any kind of textile floor and wall covering. The UFTM represents the trade business on a national and international level with regard to economic, technical and commercial (business fairs) issues. The UFTM is actively represented at different national, European and international authorities or organisations. UFTM supports the European project AsIsKnown because it can simplify and increase the selling of its members’ products by means of the coordinated presentation via modern information technology. The project replies to customer’s need for the creation of jointly harmonised collections for home textiles.