TFI - Textiles and Flooring Institute GmbH - Germany

The main field of responsibility of TFI within AsIsKnown will be the scientific support and S&T management of the partners from the home textiles industry. To fulfil this function the TFI leads Workpackage 2 (Requirements Inquiry and Analysis) andWP9 (Evaluation). They will monitor the showcase for the home textiles industry and research activities in a very close co-operation with all project partners with regard to the technology baseline and developments.

The Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH (TFI) is a modern service company operating especially in the field of home textiles and flooring systems. The service activities of the institute include the testing and certification of products in view of environmental, consumer protection and quality aspects as well as consulting and training for industry, commerce and trade. The TFI is also the official certifying body of the "Qualitätsinitiative Pro Teppichboden" ("Quality Initiative Pro Carpet"). The aim of this initiative is to promote product quality, consulting activities and service. Apart from trained staff, the accredited partners also provide tested quality products and service offers developed and monitored by the TFI ( Within the scope of this initiative, the Leonardo da Vinci Project "VITA" co-ordinated by the TFI is also tested and optimised in practice. The aim of the VITA project is to develop the e-learning platform "Virtual Textiles Academy". For this purpose, didactical concepts and sample learning modules are being developed by different European partners (