Crystal Design - Italy

Crystal Design (CD) will be responsible for the Workpackage 6 which deals with the architecture and implementation of the Virtual Interior Designer. CDs’ main efforts are located in the area of technology baseline work, as all other software partners. Interfaces and links to the surrounding tools of AsIsKnown will be achieved through cooperation with the responsible partners.

CD develops and markets overall solutions for optimising sales and distributions processes of consultant intensive consumer goods such as furniture and furnishing equipment and investment goods. CD develops tools for Visual Merchandising and POS-Marketing in virtual show rooms and “style worlds”. CD realises customer orientated solutions accompanying the customer from the first analysis over the conception up to the realisation and individual support. CD’s applications are practical – special IT knowledge and road capacity are connected with the customers’ demands to strive for an optimal solution. The competent CD team and its engagement, state of the art technology, reliability and constancy have stood best in numerous projects and long-lasting partnerships. References may serve as a documentation of continuous high quality performance of CD across Europe. Its IT solution, the Virtual Interior Designer, is a field tested tool applied and will still be improved in AsIsKnown. Schäfershop is Germany’s market leader for direct shipment of office equipment. The Virtual Interior Designer is used in all subsidiaries and by the entire sales force. The convenience and benefits of the Virtual Interior Designer for the textile branch is proven through the lasting and splendid co-operation with the Belgian upholstered furniture producer ROM. ROM applies the Virtual Interior Designer in Belgium, France, Germany and Spain